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#Tiesday CW8/14

Each tuesday is a #tiesday! Celebrate tuesdays by wearing a tie to work. Mine is red and paisley-patterned.. “Borrowed” it from my fathers closet.

Pictures taken by @olschok

20140218_102525 20140218_102547 (1)

So this is me. Full body shots are quite a rarity for me, since they require someone else taking pictures.

I’m 1.64m in height and have German clothing size 48/50. It’s (sort of) equivalent to a UK 18/20 or US 16/18.

Red Chelsea Boots by Zign, Blouse by evans, Cardigan by bonprix and pants by bonprix as well.

I have to admit that even a year ago I would’ve never been comfortable wearing the blouse IN my pants. Being plus size I thought I had to wear wide clothing to hide myself inside. Reading about body positive and the thin privilege of our society has helped me immensely.


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6 driving habits that define douchebaggery

Let’s begin with the definition of the word douchebaggery. always offers nice explanations for words in our current terminology:

Presenting one’s self in a manner that inspires those around you to wish death and/or serious injury upon you.

That’s basically what this is about. Drivers of automobiles that move their vehicles in such a way that inspire me to wish them greatest bodily harm. 🙂

I don’t know if you know about German roads, but I’m just going to explain a little. “Bundesstraßen” (lit. federal highways) are usually 1 lane per direction of travel and have a max speed limit of 100 km/h (62mph), sometimes (being near to human settlements) 80km/h (50mph). Then we have the world-famous “Autobahnen“, which start at two lanes per direction, some Autobahnen even have 3 to 4 lanes. There are no general speed limits, although the recommended speed is 130km/h (80mph).

Gender equality aside, there are certain things that mostly men do.. and then there are behavioral patters that are attributed to female drivers. Let’s start with the men.

1. Speed Exit

Situation can occur on any type of street, most common though on Autobahnen. A predominately male driver chases other drivers off the fast lane, because apparently driving 150km/h isn’t fast enough for him. So he swooshes past you. Only to change to the next exit lane, break really hard and exit the Autobahn. This happens A LOT. And I keep asking myself – why? This behaviour is dangerous for other drivers and not exactly fuel preserving.

2. Miniature Tanks

Women rarely drive standard sized cars anymore. Either they drive something small (VW Polo or Up, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa.. that kind of size), or something big, like an SUV. But it doesn’t really matter, because said females behave like they’re driving a tank. That’s how they park it (maybe the cars’ ego is so much bigger than its chassis?), that’s how they do a three-point turn (more like six-point).. because you know, they drive a tank. And tanks are known for their lousy turn radius.
I know that if you drive a car that is new for you, being cautions about parking and turning pays off. You don’t know the exact dimensions of the car, maybe the side mirrors don’t show enough or you haven’t adjusted them properly. I give leeway to you. But if you’ve been driving that same car for YEARS, you should be able to drive your car without behaving like you’ve just received your learners permit. (Frankly, that’s just embarrassing for everyone watching)

3. Flashing Headlights

So you’re male and feel really great in your tuned BMW. Evidently, adhering to the speed limit on a Bundesstraße is not one of your priorities, so you try flashing your headlights (and reduce your distance to my rear bumper, tailgating me) to force me to drive faster. Oncoming traffic prevents you from simply passing my car (lucky me), so you’ve decided that coercing me into acceleration is the way to go. Know what this kind of behavior results in? Me STRICTLY adhering to the speed limit, not driving my usual 2-5 km/h faster. You’re welcome. 🙂

4. Sunday Driving

It actually is a weekend phenomenon. Suddenly people don’t drive 100km/h on Bundesstraßen, they drop their speed to 80km/h. Without any actual reason, like bad weather or high traffic volume. Really annoying. Because even though 100km/h is the speed limit, police say you really should not drive any slower, if the traffic allows for it.

5. Indicating

Every damn time someone crosses lanes without using his/her indicators. Or exits a roundabout without doing so. Is it really that hard?!



6. Cyclists

I’ve lived in Erlangen, Germany for about a year. In terms of general size it’s similar to Würzburg, although there is one huge difference: The city loves their cyclists. There are designated bikeways EVERYWHERE. That’s great, because in Erlangen the people riding their bikes actually use those bikeways. Major downside: Those bikeways encourage riding bicycles. Therefore the risk of being run over by bikes (when you’re a mere pedestrian) multiplies. Or running over a bike (when you foolishly thought you could just drive out of the parking garage without risking damage to your paintwork) that seemingly appears out of nowhere. After a while I got used to the bicycles. Then I moved back to Lower Franconia. The city of Würzburg has bikeways too. Rarely anyone used them, though. So you have to deal with agonizingly slow cyclists that drive in the middle of the street, instead of the bikeway right next to it. And there’s nothing you can do. (And you’re not permitted to just run them over. 😉 )

Are there any driving habits that really annoy you? Let me know!

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Fall 2013 TV Schedule: Season Premieres

Hi guys!

For all the  TV junkies out there, I thought preparing a listing on all the season premiere dates would be a good idea, since we are fast approaching the hot zone for it. 🙂

Color coordination: green for renewals, blue for series premieres.
(Disclaimer: This list does only contain drama series that I deem watchable. I’ve seen a lot of the comedy pilots and was appalled. So none of those on here)


  • Murdoch Mysteries – Season 7 (Sept 30th, 2013 on CBC)

    My favourite Canadian shows returns for a seventh season. Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy co-star in this late 19th century crime drama. Another plus: the fabulous costume design!
    More Info:

  • Cracked – Season 2 (Sept 30th, 2013 on CBC)

    This show takes the genres of crime and medical dramas, mixes it together and out comes a police devision that tackles police calls involving people with mental illnesses.
    More Info:

  •  Republic of Doyle – Season 5 (Oct 2nd, 2013 on CBC)

    Set in beautiful scenery (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador), the show is about a rogue PI who always sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong.. and gets him into trouble on a regular basis.
    More Info:


United States:

  • Haven – Season 4 (Sept 13th, 2013 on Syfy)

    Mystery show based on a novella by Stephen King. Watched the first episode and became addicted instantly. Since it’s filmed on the Nova Scotia coast.. Who can blame me?
    More Info:

  • Bones – Season 9 (Sept 16th, 2013 on FOX)

    Can you believe it? Season 9 already.. I remember being a) completely thrilled that they are doing a show on an forensic anthropologist and b) making one of my favourite book series into a TV series.
    More Info:

  • Sleepy Hollow – Season 1 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on FOX)

    Yes, Mr. Ichabod Crane is back. And so is the headless horseman. After dying 250 years ago, they are resurrected in current-day Sleepy Hollow.  Awesomeness ensues.  Another plus: Tom Mison is kind of hot. 😉
    More Info:

  • The Blacklist – Season 1 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on NBC)

    James Spader playing a bad guy who turns himself in to the FBI after being on the most wanted list for years. His demand: He will only talk to a specific agent,  rookie Elizabeth Keene. Why? Well.. Watch and find out!
    More Info:

  • Castle – Season 6 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on ABC)

    After four years of sexual tension, they finally kissed in S5E01. At the end of S5, Castle popped the question. After the long hiatus in summer, everyone asks themselves: Will Beckett say “Yes”?
    More Info:

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1 (Sept 24th, 2013 on ABC)

    Joss Whedon! Agent Phil Coulson didn’t die. Now he has his own show. And Joss Whedon does his thing.
    More Info:

  • NCIS – Season 11 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    Season 11 marks the departure of Cote de Pablo’s character Ziva David. I’m very interested in how they wrote that into the show. Hopefully she doesn’t end up like her predecessor.. With a bullet in the head.
    More Info:

  • NCIS Los Angeles – Season 5 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    Season 4 was a little “blergh”, so I’m hoping the writers have stocked up on creative juice and the episodes will not seem as constructed as last year.
    More Info:

  • Person of Interest – Season 3 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    I’ve gotten into this show only a couple of months ago – and loved every second of it. Finch is simply adorable and Reese.. Well.. less adorable, more dangerous.
    More Info:

  • Criminal Minds – Season 9 (Sept 25th, 2013 on CBS)

    Yay! CM is back as well! I need my weekly dose of psychopathic serial killers. 😉
    More Info:

  • Elementary – Season 2 (Sept 26th, 2013 on CBS)

    When I heard about CBS trying a modern take on Sherlock Holmes, I immediately thought they’d produce a bad copy of BBCs SHERLOCK. For everyone who still thinks like that: You’re wrong! Jonny Lee Millers Sherlock Holmes is so very different from the one that Ben Cumberbatch plays. And well, Watson is female (Lucy Liu) in this version, so YAY!
    More Info:

  • Hawaii Five-0 – Season 4 (Sept 27th, 2013 on CBS)

    I could talk about how much I like the show itself and the wonderful Hawai’ian scenery. But that’s not it (at least not at all). Mostly, I like watching Alex O’Loughlin wearing tight shirts. (Thumbs up for honesty, please!)
    More Info:

  • Ironside – Season 1 (Oct 2nd, 2013 on NBC)

    This is a remarke of the classic TV series starring Raymond Burr. If you don’t know THAT show, please get the DVDs. The new version has changed a few things: Ironside is younger and doesn’t use a bulky power wheelchair anymore, but rather sports a Whirlwind RoughRider manual wheelchair. Ironside is played by Blair Underwood, who we all know from shows like “In Treatment” and “L.A. Law”.
    More Info:

  • Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 (Oct 7th, 2013 on The CW)

    Another remake, but this one is a lot better than the original version. Mystery meets Crime Drama. Genetically mutated boy meets detective girl. Boy likes girl, boy and girl solve crimes together. 😉
    More Info:


  • Supernatural – Season 9 (Oct 8th, 2013 on The CW)

    Supernatural fans have suffered through a lot of plot lines. But after last seasons finale and this seasons teaser.. I ask myself how long will this show continue? How many more times will the Winchesters have to die? :’)
    More Info:

  • Arrow – Season 2 (Oct 9th, 2013 on The CW)

    Based on the fictional superhero “The Green Arrow”, the creators did surprisingly well in transforming the comic to the moving picture. As someone who’s watched Daredevil, I do not take this for granted.
    More Info:

  • American Horror Story – Season 3 (Oct 9th, 2013 on FX)

    After a haunted house and an insane asylum, this time the season will revolve around a coven.
    More Info:‎


  • White Collar – Season 5 (Oct 17th, 2013 on USA Network)

    Our favourite con artist/FBI consultant is back!
    More Info:

  • Dracula – Season 1 (Oct 25th, 2013 on NBC)

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Dracula and Thomas Kretschmann is Van Helsing. As a UK/US co-production, the show was filmed in London.
    More Info:

  • Grimm – Season 3 (Oct 25th, 2013 on NBC)

    Grimm tells the tales of the Grimm brothers.. Only this time, the creatures, called “Wesen”, are real. And it’s the job of Nick Burkhardt to fight them.
    More Info:


  • Almost Human – Season 1 (Nov 4th, 2013 on FOX)

    In the near future, police men will be assisted by androids, which produces some tensions in the police force.
    More Info:

Have fun watching!

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How NOT to conduct your online business.

Disclaimer: I needed to vent. So this is me venting. Then preaching. And doing a list of suggestions on how to conduct your online business. If you’re interested in repeat-customers, that is. So here it goes.

Everyone a little closer to me probably knows of my love for peanuts. Not just roasted and salted, but also as peanut butter (spread generously on a piece of banana), chicken satay .. you name it, I eat it. And then there’s something I fell in love with only about two years or so ago: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Slightly salty peanut butter and creamy milk chocolate – match made in heaven, I tell ya. But there’s a dark cloud on the peanutbuttery horizon: You can’t get them where I live. The only way is to order them online. Of course, as a foodie, I’ve tried to recreate them myself. But they just don’t taste as good.
There are a couple of online stores that sell peanut butter cups, so I  would’ve usually shopped at my regular shopping spots. But they all were out of peanut butter cups, AND out of a couple of other things my pantry ran low on. So I tried this shop I had stumbled across during a google search, it didn’t have any bad reviews. I’m not going to name names, of course. For the sake of this blog post, let’s call them $genericfood.
So I ordered a couple of things (this was in early August 2013), they all had a status of “in stock” and “delivery time 10 days”. I could live with that. So I ordered and payed via PayPal. After the order confirmation auto-mail, the shop went radio silent. For three weeks. That’s a little more than the 10 days promised in the shop. On the 21st of August I get a mail that a “part” of my delivery has been shipped. I received it about 6 days later. Instead of just sending the stuff that they had, they took the liberty of replacing ordered products with other brands.
After three days I wrote to the shop when I could expect the rest of my order to be shipped.. And they said “soon.. In two weeks or so?”.  They sent it out on the 14th of September, another full 3 weeks after they sent out the first delivery. I received it today. And guess what? I still have not received everything that I have ordered.
I may be perceived as small-minded and petty, but this is something that really p%sses me off. A lot. Do those people conduct their business this way all the time? Or am I just an “unfortunate exception”? I don’t really care. I will not order at that shop again.

Well.. Dear $genericfood, congratulations on making me angry. It is something that usually takes a lot of willpower to do. If you are interested in keeping your customers, maybe you should read on and stick to the following set of “rules”:

1. Communication is Key

A customer does not appreciate being kept out of the loop when it comes to his order. It’s noble that you don’t spam your customer with a gazillion emails (slight exaggeration), but if you run into problems  – like maybe you can’t keep your 10 days till delivery time – TELL THEM.

2. No Product Swapping

When a customer orders $something, they usually appreciate getting that $something delivered. They paid for it, remember? So if you can’t get ahold of a product, refer to rule no 1. Ask them if they want to wait until the product arrives, if they want to cancel the order, or if they can live with an equal replacement (in content, price, quality). You should ask them before just sending out a replacement. It might be that the customer has an allergy and needs this specific product.. and not just a replacement that contains an allergen.

Keeping Track of Order Status

If your Business is larger and you can afford employees to package shipments, teach them the importance of reporting back the order status. For example: I ordered an $article in a specific amount (e.g. 2 bottles of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce). I received only one bottle. The delivery order showed that someone manually scratched out the “2” in the amounts column and wrote a “1” next to it. What should’ve followed is the employee going to the boss (or person that manages the order tracking system) and telling him “Hey boss, our inventory control system is wonky and instead of two bottles, we only had one bottle of hot sauce in stock. So I could only put one into the delivery. Please note in your order system that one bottle is still outstanding.” Well, it didn’t happen. According to the second delivery order I received today, no hot sauce was outstanding: the order system thought that the two bottles had been delivered.


These are the main rules that every business should adhere to. If you can think of another one, let me know in the blog comments, on facebook or twitter. See you! 🙂



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So I came home one foggy evening and was kind of annoyed about not going to a Halloween party. I decided to at least slather a little make up on my face. When does one get the chance to wear green other than on October 31st?