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Fall 2013 TV Schedule: Season Premieres

Hi guys!

For all the  TV junkies out there, I thought preparing a listing on all the season premiere dates would be a good idea, since we are fast approaching the hot zone for it. 🙂

Color coordination: green for renewals, blue for series premieres.
(Disclaimer: This list does only contain drama series that I deem watchable. I’ve seen a lot of the comedy pilots and was appalled. So none of those on here)


  • Murdoch Mysteries – Season 7 (Sept 30th, 2013 on CBC)

    My favourite Canadian shows returns for a seventh season. Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy co-star in this late 19th century crime drama. Another plus: the fabulous costume design!
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  • Cracked – Season 2 (Sept 30th, 2013 on CBC)

    This show takes the genres of crime and medical dramas, mixes it together and out comes a police devision that tackles police calls involving people with mental illnesses.
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  •  Republic of Doyle – Season 5 (Oct 2nd, 2013 on CBC)

    Set in beautiful scenery (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador), the show is about a rogue PI who always sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong.. and gets him into trouble on a regular basis.
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United States:

  • Haven – Season 4 (Sept 13th, 2013 on Syfy)

    Mystery show based on a novella by Stephen King. Watched the first episode and became addicted instantly. Since it’s filmed on the Nova Scotia coast.. Who can blame me?
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  • Bones – Season 9 (Sept 16th, 2013 on FOX)

    Can you believe it? Season 9 already.. I remember being a) completely thrilled that they are doing a show on an forensic anthropologist and b) making one of my favourite book series into a TV series.
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  • Sleepy Hollow – Season 1 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on FOX)

    Yes, Mr. Ichabod Crane is back. And so is the headless horseman. After dying 250 years ago, they are resurrected in current-day Sleepy Hollow.  Awesomeness ensues.  Another plus: Tom Mison is kind of hot. 😉
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  • The Blacklist – Season 1 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on NBC)

    James Spader playing a bad guy who turns himself in to the FBI after being on the most wanted list for years. His demand: He will only talk to a specific agent,  rookie Elizabeth Keene. Why? Well.. Watch and find out!
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  • Castle – Season 6 (Sept 23rd, 2013 on ABC)

    After four years of sexual tension, they finally kissed in S5E01. At the end of S5, Castle popped the question. After the long hiatus in summer, everyone asks themselves: Will Beckett say “Yes”?
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  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1 (Sept 24th, 2013 on ABC)

    Joss Whedon! Agent Phil Coulson didn’t die. Now he has his own show. And Joss Whedon does his thing.
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  • NCIS – Season 11 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    Season 11 marks the departure of Cote de Pablo’s character Ziva David. I’m very interested in how they wrote that into the show. Hopefully she doesn’t end up like her predecessor.. With a bullet in the head.
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  • NCIS Los Angeles – Season 5 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    Season 4 was a little “blergh”, so I’m hoping the writers have stocked up on creative juice and the episodes will not seem as constructed as last year.
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  • Person of Interest – Season 3 (Sept 24th, 2013 on CBS)

    I’ve gotten into this show only a couple of months ago – and loved every second of it. Finch is simply adorable and Reese.. Well.. less adorable, more dangerous.
    More Info:

  • Criminal Minds – Season 9 (Sept 25th, 2013 on CBS)

    Yay! CM is back as well! I need my weekly dose of psychopathic serial killers. 😉
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  • Elementary – Season 2 (Sept 26th, 2013 on CBS)

    When I heard about CBS trying a modern take on Sherlock Holmes, I immediately thought they’d produce a bad copy of BBCs SHERLOCK. For everyone who still thinks like that: You’re wrong! Jonny Lee Millers Sherlock Holmes is so very different from the one that Ben Cumberbatch plays. And well, Watson is female (Lucy Liu) in this version, so YAY!
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  • Hawaii Five-0 – Season 4 (Sept 27th, 2013 on CBS)

    I could talk about how much I like the show itself and the wonderful Hawai’ian scenery. But that’s not it (at least not at all). Mostly, I like watching Alex O’Loughlin wearing tight shirts. (Thumbs up for honesty, please!)
    More Info:

  • Ironside – Season 1 (Oct 2nd, 2013 on NBC)

    This is a remarke of the classic TV series starring Raymond Burr. If you don’t know THAT show, please get the DVDs. The new version has changed a few things: Ironside is younger and doesn’t use a bulky power wheelchair anymore, but rather sports a Whirlwind RoughRider manual wheelchair. Ironside is played by Blair Underwood, who we all know from shows like “In Treatment” and “L.A. Law”.
    More Info:

  • Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 (Oct 7th, 2013 on The CW)

    Another remake, but this one is a lot better than the original version. Mystery meets Crime Drama. Genetically mutated boy meets detective girl. Boy likes girl, boy and girl solve crimes together. 😉
    More Info:


  • Supernatural – Season 9 (Oct 8th, 2013 on The CW)

    Supernatural fans have suffered through a lot of plot lines. But after last seasons finale and this seasons teaser.. I ask myself how long will this show continue? How many more times will the Winchesters have to die? :’)
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  • Arrow – Season 2 (Oct 9th, 2013 on The CW)

    Based on the fictional superhero “The Green Arrow”, the creators did surprisingly well in transforming the comic to the moving picture. As someone who’s watched Daredevil, I do not take this for granted.
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  • American Horror Story – Season 3 (Oct 9th, 2013 on FX)

    After a haunted house and an insane asylum, this time the season will revolve around a coven.
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  • White Collar – Season 5 (Oct 17th, 2013 on USA Network)

    Our favourite con artist/FBI consultant is back!
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  • Dracula – Season 1 (Oct 25th, 2013 on NBC)

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Dracula and Thomas Kretschmann is Van Helsing. As a UK/US co-production, the show was filmed in London.
    More Info:

  • Grimm – Season 3 (Oct 25th, 2013 on NBC)

    Grimm tells the tales of the Grimm brothers.. Only this time, the creatures, called “Wesen”, are real. And it’s the job of Nick Burkhardt to fight them.
    More Info:


  • Almost Human – Season 1 (Nov 4th, 2013 on FOX)

    In the near future, police men will be assisted by androids, which produces some tensions in the police force.
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Have fun watching!

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