Hi, my name is Ann! I’m a 20-something IT gal, living in Lower Franconia.

1000276_10202144172298166_524008688_n<- This is me. Well actually, I am a real person. But for the sake of this blog, this is me. What you might be able to ascertain from that picture, is that I think bow-ties are cool.

I love a great many TV shows (from the US, UK, CA..) and usually watch them in English. In fandom lingo, I’d classify myself as a “superwholock fannibal” – meaning that I very much like the TV shows “Supernatural”, “Doctor Who”, “Sherlock” and “Hannibal”.

You may ask yourself why I (primarily) write in English: I like to keep my writing skills sharp, AND I communicate with a lot of Non-German speakers, so with English almost everyone understands.

This blog is for my various (creative) outbursts, at the moment this is mostly soap- and papercraft related. Maybe I’ll throw some fashion and personal stuff in the mix as well.. Who knows!

Have fun! And if you want to, you could leave me a comment. I’d love to read and respond! 🙂

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